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Saturday, May 27, 2023 

Jewish leadership in USA is an atrocity of failures

Dr. Alex Grobman's written about the colossal failures of USA Jewish leaderships to deal properly with antisemitism in the country, now the discussion of a new book by Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser:
“This book is long overdue,” assert Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser, the editors of this very significant and timely work (Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership,New York: Post Hill Press, 2023 ISBN: 978-1-63758-878-9). Why? Because of “The failure of the American Jewish establishment to counter the growing hostility toward the Jewish community,” which “is endangering Jews across the country. This failure is scandalous.”

How did the American Jewish community come to be in such a precarious position? The Jacobs and Goldwasser claim “It is due to a lack of understanding of why Jews are hated and face growing hostility, along with the leaders’ obvious lack of courage. At this time, when strong leadership is urgently needed, we have weak, politicized bureaucrats too often more concerned with their social status, the perks of power, and their organizations’ financial success than with their responsibility to defend the community. As can be seen in their priorities, staffing, and programs, they seem more loyal to a progressive ideology than to the safety of Jews. Refusing to acknowledge the current ugly realities, they double down on failed strategies, hoping foolishly that increased effort will result in success.”

While acknowledging “Jews cannot control the forces arrayed against us, but one thing we should be able to do is influence our own leadership,” Jacobs and Goldwasser declare. And “It is clear that the establishment Jewish organizations —the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, regional Federations, Jewish Community Relations Councils across the country, Union for Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and most rabbis—have failed to respond effectively to these mounting assaults.”
I can't say I'm shocked the Reform movement for one would be such a failure. They're so detached from reality and disrespectful of the Israeli homeland, it's no wonder they can't prove effective. Another of the most disturbing examples of wokeism can be found in Philadelphia, where quite a few similar movements have been taking up extreme ideologies:
The “God is Trans” exhibit is yet further proof that the ultimate goal of the cult of woke is the erosion of the boundaries between the secular and sacred, so that the values of the latter always reflect the former, the net result being the birth of a new religion that stands with the culture every step of the way.

The cult, of course, has also infected Judaism, Christianity’s ancient mother.

In Judaism, the secular strain has been alive and well for decades, snaking its way through the consciousness of American Jews in order to distance them from the synagogues of their ancestors, in effect dismissing these ancestral blessings as un-cool curses to be discarded.

The war between the secular and the sacred in Judaism became very evident to me personally when a local researcher, Beila Rabinowitz, Director of a website called Militant Islam Monitor, alerted me to a talk at the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

The event is sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia together with three other groups, Keshet, The Mazzoni Center and Moving Traditions which promote LGBTQ and ‘gender neutral’ lifestyles for young people.
One can only wonder if they also condone destroying women's reproductive systems, which the German National Socialists would celebrate if they knew it was going on today. For now, here's but a sample of the conferences they're holding:
Together with the Jewish Federation, Kaiserman JCC is hosting a June 4 lecture, “Building a New Home in Our Minds: Embracing the Entire Family Through Gender Transition.” The event will be led by Kohenet Dr. Harriette E, Wimms, a clinical psychologist and contract trainer for Keshet, an organization that works for LGTBQIA+ equality in Jewish life.

Wimms describes herself this way:

“A community connector, Dr. Wimms is a proud Black, Disabled, Queer, Fat, Jew by Choice, and is most proud of being mother to her 17-year-old son.”

“Fat, Jew by Choice, Queer.” This is woke psychobabble, the current rhetoric of the Left. Language like this is common enough on random flyers distributed on street corners, yet to strictly Orthodox Jewish eyes, the concept is absurd.

“It’s ridiculous. The Jewish Federation and Kaiserman JCC are supposed to be promoting Jewish values,” Rabinowitz says.

What’s even more absurd is the fact that Wimms calls herself a ‘Kohenet.’
Of course. Such a position didn't exist in ancient eras. There may have been and certainly are rebbetzins now, but not female priestesses in ancient Israel. Though what's certainly horrific is the thought that these woke movements could be promoting Mengele experiments similar to what took place during the Holocaust. And if this is what the Reform movement now condones, that's why I'm starting to ponder whether such a movement has any business showing up at the Western Wall.

I should hope all Orthodox movements who're realists will distance themseles from these horror-meisters. They truly are abominations.

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