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Tuesday, August 29, 2023 

A few more notes about the Malka Leifer scandal

Leifer's been deservedly sentenced to prison in the past week, and here's another article about the private investigators who exposed her deceit when she tried to feign mental illness and the Israeli court overseeing the case actually accepted her ruse unquestioned. What to ponder here is this:
Ms Aaronson now heads up Magen, which supports and advocates for sexual abuse victims in the orthodox Jewish community, and she hopes the case will embolden those who continue to suffer in silence.

"We know for a fact that there are many more perpetrators. Actually, also many more female perpetrators,"
she said.

Ms Aaronson remains concerned about the pockets of support that Leifer continues to receive from segments of the ultra-orthodox community.

"There's a tremendous cognitive dissonance. People do not want to believe that somebody who looks like them, who could be them, could do something so horrific," she said.

Investigative journalist Gabrielle Weiniger said she never thought justice would be served after witnessing farcical scenes playing out during many of Leifer's Israeli court hearings.

"People would shout at each other making a ridicule of the whole thing,"
she said.
Valid concerns indeed. But even more chilling is how much of this goes on in Muslim enclaves, and in contrast to a case like this, nobody in the MSM cares. The 3 sisters should seek to help victims of sexual abuse there too.

The Jerusalem Post even had an op-ed revisiting the queries of how this kind of monstrosity is allowed to take place:
The sentencing was a welcome, if much delayed, conclusion to a case that has dogged the Jewish world and put a magnifying glass on Israel’s arduous extradition process.

For close to a decade Leifer sequestered herself in the haredi community in Israel, as the state dragged its feet on efforts to bring the alleged pedophile to justice. When the legal proceedings finally began, the state accepted claims that she was unfit to be extradited, only revisiting the issue years later when recordings emerged of her apparently living a normal life. Victims had to campaign for a decade.

Various excuses were rolled out during the extradition hearings, including more psychiatric experts being brought in to debate her mental fitness. Discussions were held as to whether Australia would provide the proper “religious” rights if there were a conviction there.

Litzman shamefully protected Leifer

Former minister and United Torah Judaism MK Yaakov Litzman played a shameful role in stonewalling the efforts to extradite Leifer. He was convicted of pressuring the Jerusalem district psychiatrist into falsely stating that Leifer was mentally unfit to be extradited to Australia to stand trial, and he was given a slap on the wrist with an eight-month suspended sentence and a NIS 3,000 fine.

Sapper, in reaction to the sentencing, told KAN Bet on Thursday that Litzman’s efforts caused unmeasured trauma to Leifer’s victims, beyond the scars left from the actual abuse.
That was a serious wrong the court committed on their part, giving Litzman lenience after all the trouble he caused. But hardly surprising, based on how protected class status is prevalent in Israel for Haredis, along with LGBT ideologues and Islamists.
The Leifer case is symbolic of a larger problem in Israel. For many years, the country has been a place to which suspected criminals have fled, and Israel has been accused of being a safe haven for wanted persons.

It is unclear why the country didn’t take the Leifer case – and other similar cases – seriously, and instead opened its gates for people who are accused of being predators abroad.

We hope that Erlich, Sapper, and Meyer will find some closure with the sentence, which will keep Leifer behind bars for years to come. And we also hope Israel has learned the lesson that it can’t treat cases of this severity with the same cavalier attitude that enabled Leifer to escape justice for so long.
A related problem is that journalist Gal Uchovsky, another accused sex offender who, much like Leifer herself, is homosexual, was let off the hook almost entirely, and only the court of public opinion can hold him to account now. The legal system's lenience there stems from the same PC approach that enabled Leifer to evade justice for a time. There's a highly probable chance Uchovsky was let off the hook by contrast because he's a man, which makes his case an example of favoratism for homosexual men by the PC establishment, in contrast to lesbians. In other words, women are expendable, even if the culprit deserves what she's gotten, while men are considered protected class. And that's a very dangerous double-standard that's enabled even some male sex offenders in Haredi society to evade justice. And lest we forget, there's plenty of Muslim sex offenders who're likely getting away with their crimes even more.

So in order to put an end to these awful incidents, it's vital to put a stop to protected class statuses. But the Post, alas, is unlikely to make a serious argument to that effect.

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