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Sunday, October 01, 2023 

Rachel Avraham continues to add insult to injury

Anti-Armenian and pro-Azerbaijan propagandist Avraham, who's written smear tactics against Armenia before, draws a most stupefyingly illogical comparison between the Azeri atrocities committed in Arsakh, and Israel's reclamation of Judea/Samaria:
Across the Western world in recent days, Azerbaijan has been under attack for reclaiming all of Karabakh, even though the area has been recognized as part of Azerbaijan according to four UN Security Council resolutions. This remains the case, even though Azerbaijan started the recent anti-terror operation that led to this development after six of their civilians were attacked in a landmine explosion.
If the UN sides with Azerbaijan, that's all one needs to know something is as wrong as how they side with the the same Religion of Peace the Azeris adhere to that the PLO adheres to, and also dominates the Gaza strip. The UN's one of the most anti-Israeli movements around, and she sides with them? Her bile gets worse:
As an Israeli, I see many parallels between Azerbaijan reclaiming all of Karabakh today and Israel reclaiming Judea and Samaria in 1967. In both instances, both countries reclaimed lands that rightfully belonged to them according to international law after their adversaries waged aggression against them. In both instances, many of the locals left on their own volition out of fear, while too many falsely accused them of waging ethnic cleansing.

Israeli-American journalist Nurit Greenger stated that all of Azerbaijan's actions since the anti-terror operation have been justified: "I think the policy Azerbaijan applies in order to put a final law and order in Karabakh is well thought and well executed. I wish Israel had done the same after the Six Day War, claiming they liberated the territory that was theirs and it was never recognized by any other country and not after two decades, in 1993, coming up with the crazy idea of "disputed territory" which the Arabs fast bought and their propaganda machine convinced the world it is just so "disputed territory" without even fact-checking. A lie the world so easily bought. Living in Los Angeles, one of the largest Armenian expat communities is right next door, in the city of Glendale. These Armenians are propagandists and brainwashed. They succeeded for 30 years to convince the world Azerbaijan is evil; time to turn the ties."
This is truly repulsive, based on how it glosses over the topic of Islam, which was conveniently left out of the whole article. It's stunning how propagandists like these not only omit any concerns involving Islam - something even Armenian press sources can do - they even embarrass Israel's Zionists in the process with their absurd comparisons that practically continue omission of the Relgion of Peace's role in the Six Day War simultaneously. Greenger should be equally ashamed of herself for also undermining the efforts to have the Armenian Genocide of WW1 recognized as the responsibility of jihadism in its time. And does she really think the Azeris can be trusted to accept integration of Armenians into their society, considering there's such a thing as "taqqiya" that's fully capable of playing a part here?

Mark Movessian has a better take on the topic:
A campaign of ethnic cleansing is unfolding on the edge of Europe. Last week, Azerbaijan, a predominantly Turkic Muslim state in the South Caucasus, launched a blitzkrieg against Nagorno-Karabakh, an enclave inside the country the size of Rhode Island that is home to 120,000 Armenian Christians. For months, Azerbaijan had blockaded the Karabakhi Armenians, closing off the Lachin Corridor, the only road connecting them to neighboring Armenia and the outside world. The starved population, armed only with small weapons, and with the Russian peacekeepers refusing to intervene, was no match for the onslaught.

An exodus of Armenian Christians has begun. The Lachin Corridor is blocked again, now by thousands of Armenians fleeing for their lives, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Although Baku promises the outside world that it will “reintegrate” them, Armenians find that impossible to believe. A news blackout prevents the world from seeing what’s happening, but there are many credible reports of atrocities.

No surprise
. For at least a generation, the Aliyev regime in Baku has lied to its citizens, claiming that Armenian Christians, who have lived in Karabakh for centuries, are invaders—alien, subhuman, a cancer. Wherever it has had a chance, the Baku regime has destroyed Armenian churches and gravesites to erase evidence of Armenians’ indigeneity to the territory. Armenians know what’s coming. The only realistic hope for them is to leave—which has been Baku’s plan all along.

Ethnic cleansing is Azeri strongman Ilham Aliyev’s latest move in a conflict that dates to the fall of the Soviet Union—indeed, long before that. Nationalities commissar Joseph Stalin assigned Karabakh, which had been alternately a Persian and Russian province, to the newly formed Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in the 1920s, even though the population of the region was overwhelmingly Armenian. At the same time, Stalin gave Azerbaijan the exclave of Nakhichevan on the other side of Armenia, on the border with Turkey. The division was part of a divide-and-conquer strategy, as well as a concession to Turkey, which negotiated for this arrangement on the part of its Azeri allies.

Karabakhi Armenians protested but had no real choice. When the Soviet Union fell in the 1990s, they again sought independence from Azerbaijan. Baku attempted to suppress the Karabakh movement militarily but lost in a brutal war that drew in newly independent Armenia, as well. After the war, Armenians controlled Karabakh, as well as seven surrounding regions meant as bargaining chips for a peace settlement that never materialized. A fragile ceasefire prevailed until 2020, when Azerbaijan, with substantial military assistance from Turkey, recaptured the seven regions and much of Karabakh itself. Russia brokered a new ceasefire that gave it peacekeeping responsibilities, including making sure the Lachin Corridor remained open.

The US foreign-policy establishment portrays Moscow as Armenia’s staunch ally. In fact, the Kremlin has tilted toward Azerbaijan. Baku has a lot to offer Russia. Even though it is a gas producer, and touts itself as an alternate supplier for Europe, Azerbaijan quietly purchases Russian gas, allowing Russia to evade Western sanctions. Azerbaijan also works with Russia and Iran on transport infrastructure aimed at bypassing Western influence. No surprise, then, that just before it invaded Ukraine in 2022, Moscow announced a new strategic alliance with Baku. The Kremlin is happy to make deals at Armenia’s expense—a historical pattern, as the Stalin-era map-drawing shows—if that means keeping Turkey and its protégé, Azerbaijan, happy, especially as the Ukraine war has turned out to be much longer and costlier than Moscow anticipated. Giving Turkey what it wants encourages Ankara to maintain its two-sided policy, now helping the Russians, now the Ukrainians.
Avraham and Greenger continue to obscure this vital information. What it shows is that Arsakh, as it's called by Armenians, is more like Judea/Samaria, and even the Gaza strip. Avraham has truly cooked up a humiliation for Israel that could severely damage its hold on Judea/Samaria/Gaza in the long run, and she should be ostracized for all the PR embarrassments she's causing by lying in Azerbaijan's favor.

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