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Wednesday, March 27, 2024 

Released hostage details how she was raped by Hamas members in Gaza

Amit Soussana, one of the people who'd been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023, told about her terrible experience:
Released hostage Amit Soussana, 40, described in an interview with the New York Times today (Tuesday) how she was sexually assaulted by her captor after she was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

Soussana stated that she was beaten and kidnapped by ten men on October 7. She was then left chained by her ankle in a child's bedroom in Gaza until October 24, when the first assault occurred.

She described how her captor, Muhammad, held a gun to her head and assaulted her. The Times agreed not to publish the details of what happened.

Soussana was finally released on November 30 after 55 days in captivity, on the last day of the hostage deal.

The Times stated that her account is consistent with what she told doctors and social workers immediately following her release.
This article has more harrowing details, and you'll need a strong stomach for this too. What the jihadists did to those women they raped is obscene beyond belief, just as are the cases that occurred in Europe and elsewhere where Muslims raped and murdered "infidel" women. While it's amazing the NYT was willing to run a report like this, I still wonder why Soussana didn't give the interview to a source like the Washington Times, and even Newsmax. Why must it always be a left-wing source to give the interviews like these to? Let's not forget the NYT's employed a pseudo-journalist who took lenient positions on the same issues when dealing with the Religion of Peace.

While the Israeli president Isaac Herzog has praised Soussana for speaking out, the only Democrat willing to address the issue properly is Rep. John Fetterman from Pennsylvania:
Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., jabbed his Democratic colleagues Wednesday for again failing to condemn the actions of Hamas terrorists.

The senator has been an outspoken advocate of Israel in its war with Hamas terrorists, a stance not shared by other more progressive Democrats. In October, he called out members of “The Squad” for blaming a Gaza hospital attack on Israel, describing the assertion as “truly disturbing.”

Taking to X, he doubled down on these criticisms while sharing a news headline reading “Israel hostage says she was sexually assaulted and tortured in Gaza.”

"Some members of Congress won't condemn this,” Sen. Fetterman said. “Some dismissed this as 'propaganda'. The UN won't even condemn Hamas. Hamas is not a group of 'militants' or engaging in 'insurgency'—just rapists and cowards hiding behind innocent civilians.”

Continuing, he noted “Israel absolutely has the right to pursue and dismantle Hamas to surrender or neutralization."
It's miraculous he's one of the very few Democrats willing to speak from the right side about this, and sad to think of how it's possible the party may seek to throw him out for taking such a courageous stand. Fetterman's done the right thing, and if needed, I would recommend he run as an independent candidate in the next state assembly election.

Since we're on the topic, over in Britain, airport authorities were accused of abusing 2 survivors of the bloodbath who'd come to the UK to speak to the local Jewish community:
A survivor of the horrific Hamas massacre at the Supernova music festival on October 7 told the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that U.K. Border Force officers harassed and abused him and his brother, a fellow survivor, when they flew into the Manchester airport on Sunday.

Neria and Daniel Sharabi, 22 and 23 years old, respectively, were among the 3,000 young attendees at the open-air Supernova music festival in southern Israel on October 7 when Hamas attacked, turning the holiday event into a bloody massacre. One of the survivors compared the scene to a gruesome horror movie that went on for four hours.

The Sharabi brothers were credited with saving dozens of lives during the attack by scrounging weapons from a tank, heroically holding the Hamas death squad at bay, and administering emergency medical aid to the wounded.

Neria used his phone to record video evidence of the attack, while Daniel used his to obtain guidance from his former commander in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Several of their friends were abducted or killed during the assault. [...]

The Sherabis said the Border Forces officers at the Manchester airport grew hostile after they saw the Israeli passports that the brothers presented.

“Their faces immediately changed. I saw the antisemitism in their eyes, from the moment they started interrogating us,”
Neria told the Jerusalem Post on Monday.

Neria said the officers detained the brothers for two hours to “make sure that you are not going to do what you are doing in Gaza over here,” a reference to the Israeli self-defense operation against Hamas.

Daniel captured the angry response of the Border Force officers to accusations of anti-Semitism on video, including one of them growling, “Nobody has said that once, so knock the attitude off.”

“I’ve made the decision, and you’re coming in,” the officer said. “Let us do the checks that we need to do and keep quiet … We’re the bosses, not you.”

The Sharabi brothers said that after they were taken to detention, officers sternly interrogated them on the subject of their planned speech to the Jewish community and their service in the IDF. They were eventually released and able to give their speech, but Neria said they were made to feel unsafe throughout the encounter. He expressed reluctance to return to the United Kingdom, even if the mission of his non-profit requires it.
While the Jewish community in the UK filed a complaint, chances are entirely possible the Home Office won't investigate convincingly. The UK is really going into tailspin.

Update: in some interesting news in Jerusalem, hostage family members blocked the entrance to a UNRWA office near Ammunition Hill. They did the right thing to bring the protest to one of the places that bears responsibility for the tragedy.

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