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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

NBC: Night of the Bad Catastrophes

The things that NBC will do in order to join the witch-hunt bandwagon to smear America's defenders. And tragically, this is what they did the other week, when on E-Ring and Law & Order, they villified the civilian border defense, and even presented yet more tiresome stereotypes of Christians as evildoers, even going so far as to put them in the role of their persecutors, by showing a bunch of "evil" Christians attacking a mosque in Detroit! Debbie Schlussel's got the details on that:
...video of burned-out, empty-building, boarded-up business Detroit was shown Wednesday Night at the beginning of the low-rated Benjamin Bratt show "E-Ring," which is supposed to be a show about Pentagon and Army operatives involved in Special Operations to save Americans. But that's not what Wednesday Night's episode was about.

In fact, the politically correct topic of "E-Ring" made the Detroit burn-out pics okay: Muslim Americans as victims of Christian Americans.

"E-Ring" showed a gang of Christian thugs (is there such a thing?) capturing a Detroit area mosque, killing mosque members, and trying to blow the place up. Like that ever happened--or would. (The Christians also murder FBI agents who are surveilling the mosque, as if the FBI in Detroit is actually monitoring, instead of kowtowing to, extremist mosques. It isn't.)
Reading this, I was simply shocked. And if the series hadn't villified Christians, you can be sure that the scriptwriters would've turned against the FBI instead. Political correctness thisaway, political correctness thataway, that's how it is with those horrible Hollywooders.

And what happened on a certain series Benjamin Bratt used to be a co-star on?
Then, there is NBC's franchise player, "Law and Order"--a show, which can always be counted on to support America's enemies and attack American patriots, soldiers, and any reasonable policy designed to help America in the War on Terror.

On Wednesday Night, the show portrayed the Minutemen--unarmed civilians who patrol the border looking for illegal aliens and report sightings to Border Patrol--as bigoted murderers. Of course, to avoid a lawsuit, the show didn't use the name, "Minutemen." But with a name like, "Countrymen Border Watch of America," it's clear whom the L&O scriptwriters were depicting.

The show even depicted a patriotic ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agent, who favored the border watchers, as a corrupt, evil lout and co-conspirator to mass murder of illegals. Not that it would ever be believable, but, laughably, L&O actors constantly referred to the agency by enunciating its letters, "I--C--E." Attention Sam Waterston: The agency's name is pronounced, "ice," as in frozen H2O.
What's really astonishing is how the fictionalized name given to the Minutemen in the episode of L&O sounds even more patriotic than that of the real-life group the script is based upon. But what's most definately sickening about this is the attack the story initiates on responsible civilians defending fellow civilians from the dangers of criminals trying to infiltrate the US borders.

Here's a sample of the script/advertising combination, published on WorldNetDaily (via Stop the ACLU):
ANNOUNCER: Wednesday, new "Law and Order" ... 12 immigrants, cooked alive in a boiling hot truck.

CHARACTER: You classify that as something going down?

ANNOUNCER: Was it murder? Or Minutemen protecting our borders?

CHARACTER: Nathaniel shouldn't go to jail for protecting this country!

ANNOUNCER: The episode that will enrage America!

CHARACTER: You don't know nothing!

ANNOUNCER: New "Law and Order," Wednesday on NBC.
The Minutemen management has already filed a complaint with the network to protest the smear, and the potential incitement the episode could encourage against the members and their families.

If the above is what L&O producer Dick Wolf and company are going to wallow in, ditto Universal TV and NBC, then I'd figure it best not to waste any of my time upon their horrid little TV series. L&O has been going for way too long already, and it's time to cancel it. And whether or not the episode was aired, you can contact NBC here to voice your disapproval.

Also available at bRight and Early, Don Surber, Choose Life, Jo's Cafe, NIF. Others rightfully offended by NBC's attack on America's defenders include Adam's Blog, California Conservative, The Strata-Sphere, Freedom Folks, Citizen Journal, FreakinLibs, Newsbusters.

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