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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

Munich is a flop on its first week, and deservedly so

Box Office Mojo reported that Steven Spielberg's Munich monstrosity opened at about the 10th rank, bottom of the list, earning under six million bucks. Thank goodness for that.

That said, there's still much more wrong with this movie that one should know about, to know why it should be avoided like the plague. Veteran movie critic Andrew Sarris helps describe another unpardonable sin this movie commits in his NY Observer column:
One of the nastiest and seemingly most exploitational sequences involves a would-be bar pickup named Jeanette (Marie-Josée Croze), who tries unsuccessfully to seduce Avner. Avner later warns Carl about the temptress in the bar—but to no avail, for Carl is found dead in his hotel room the next morning with the bar girl’s distinctive perfume all over the room. To locate Jeanette and avenge Carl, Avner turns to Louis again for the tip that places Jeanette in a Dutch houseboat and attributes to her many international connections (including, if I recall correctly, the C.I.A.). Three of the four surviving team members confront Jeanette in her houseboat and kill the half-naked femme fatale very slowly with a bizarre combination of bullets and what appears to be a poison dart. It’s as if we were suddenly plunged into a movie about ritual murderers. Later, one of the team members regrets that they chose to kill Jeanette.

The point is that Ms. Croze’s character seems to have been inserted into the film gratuitously to supply a tiny bit of sensationalism into proceedings that are otherwise monotonously full of gloom and self-doubt. None of the reviews I’ve read so far have mentioned this scene, which for some reason sticks out in my mind for its strikingly sadistic self-indulgence in the pathology of hate.
When I saw the list of all those blind critics who were gushing over this monstrosity on Rotten Tomatoes's website, that's why I have to agree with Sarris on this part, which reeks of a]misogyny, no doubt Kushner's very own special contribution, b]racism against the French, if the Jeanette character is indeed of a French background, and c]just one of many anti-Semitic blood libels in this film, by depicting the Jewish agents as cold-blooded murderers. And it all pretty much tells what Kushner himself is for one: a homo-bigot.

Rex Reed, another veteran film critic, was visiting Munich in 1972 with John Schlesinger and Mai Zetterling when the horror of the Islamofascists's murder of the Jewish athletes took place, and also gives the film a good drubbing.

And Scott Galupo also nails the situation pretty well here, and makes some good points too, including:
I wonder if Mr. Spielberg agreed with Mr. Kushner, who told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the establishment of modern Israel was "a mistake."
So do I, Scott, so do I.

The NY Post says that Israel-blaming Spielberg has lost "direction." Because who knows if he ever had any?

Debbie Schlussel reports that Mohammed Daoud, one of the planners of the massacre in Munich, said the following to Reuters:
We did not target Israeli civilians. Some of them (the athletes) had taken part in wars and killed many Palestinians. Whether a pianist or an athlete, any Israeli is a soldier.
Proof that Islamofascists don't make disinctions between authorities and civilians. And beware of Heeb magazine, which is funded by Spielberg's businesses!

And also, for those who aren't aware, AIPAC, which refused to slam the movie, is run by a bunch of self-hating moonbats. Look out!

Others on the subject include Sultan Knish, Chaos in Motion, Cuddebackville Citizens League, Red Hot Cuppa Politics, Adam Walter, Stand for Israel, Jewish Current Issues, Boker Tov Boulder, Ionarts, Sushi Kiddush.

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Spielberg gets pretty self indulgent.

Good analysis of that scene -- I haven't seen the movie, and probably will not pay first run prices for it.

Thanks for the link.

You're welcome.

Thanks for acknowledging the temptress scene. It was disgusting

by the way, my t-shirt shop made a t-shirt about the controversy.


Happy New Year. Thanks for the shout out to my blog


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