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Sunday, May 26, 2019 

Jewish taxi driver assaulted in Clichy Sous-Bois

A Jewish taxi driver in Paris made the terrible mistake of taking an assignment in what's a Muslim enclave:
A French-Jewish taxi driver was mugged and beaten in what he said was an antisemitic crime by perpetrators who targeted him because of his Jewish-sounding name.

The driver, a 33-year-old man from the Paris region whose first name is Israel Hai, said he accepted a ride in Clichy Sous-Bois near Paris early Thursday morning through the Uber application. Drivers and passengers can see one another’s names ahead of the ride.

This is what happened next, Israeli Hai told his wife and parents:

A man in his 20s was waiting for him at the appointed place and asked to sit in the front seat. Then a group of about 10 young men surrounded the car. One of the perpetrators told Israel Hai, “Israel, you k***, you have money, we’re going to need to frisk you.” The men then beat the driver forcefully in the head, causing him to black out.

The perpetrators then pulled him outside of the car by his hair, kicked him and stole his jewelry. Some of them were wearing balaclavas, and some beat him with batons. They then stole his car, glasses, wallet and his shoes. Bruised and barefoot, Israel Hai asked passersby to drive him to a police station, where officers also referred him to medical attention.

He had light injuries and was discharged with a concussion.

His parents filed a complaint on his behalf with police and the National Bureau for Vigilance Against antisemitism, or BNVCA.
It was likely all a set up, to find an excuse to commit violence on practically anyone. And all this time, Emmanuel Macron refuses to send authorities into the enclave to flush out any of the evil vermin infesting it.

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“In [year] 1670 [CE], because the Queen
of Austria suffered several miscarriages,
the whole Jewish community was expelled.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews
(chapter 2, page 52) by Joachim Prinz,
year 1973 CE, Random House, New York,
ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857

Dr. Joachim Prinz said:

“The Jewish people are optimists,
addicted to a passionate belief
that they cannot possibly have
enemies bent on their destruction.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews
(chapter 2, page 53) by Joachim Prinz,
year 1973 CE, Random House, New York,
ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857

Dr. Joachim Prinz said:

In any attempt at defining their specific
psyche or “mystique,” we must include
that most puzzling and yet most revealing
contradiction in the Jewish mentality:

the apparent inability of the Jews
to understand or predict their own
catastrophes. The Jews, whose history
consists of one tragedy after another,
have yet to be prepared for any one of them.

Clemenceau, who as a young man witnessed
the most notorious of anti-Jewish trials,
the affair of Alfred Dreyfus,
is supposed to have remarked that
“only the defendant did not understand”
the Jewish implications of the trial.

It can be safely said that the only ones
who were oblivious to the possibility
of their own destruction in 15th-century
Spain were the Jews. So they surrendered,
died or lost their fortunes, and those
who survived were finally expelled
from the land of their birth.

This sort of blindness has been true
throughout Jewish history.

Jews have always been the last to know
what everyone else could have predicted.

It is as if they simply do not
believe it possible.

As far as they were concerned,
it “happened overnight.”
They packed up and left.
But nothing really happened “overnight.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews
(chapter 2, page 51) by Joachim Prinz,
year 1973 CE, Random House, New York,
ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857



Dr. Joachim Prinz was born in year 1902 CE.

He was a Reform Rabbi in Berlin and
one of the first Jewish leaders in
Germany to speak out against Nazism.

He was expelled from Germany in year 1937
and came to the USA, and served as Rabbi
of a large congregation in New Jersey.

He was President of the American Jewish
Congress from year 1958 to year 1966
and wrote many books.

“The EU [European Union] is blatantly anti-Israel.
Their support of the Boycott, Divestment, and
Sanctions (BDS) campaign, and their veneration
of Israel’s enemies, places them in this category.

The EU’s default position is that whatever
is good for Israel must be condemned.”

For EU Officials Anti-Israel Behavior Is Routine,
by Karen Harradine, 2019 April 8

European Union Praises Lebanon’s Human Rights Record,
Ignoring How It Abuses Palestinians


[Mr.] Geert Wilders, the head
of the Dutch Freedom Party, said
in an exclusive interview on Friday
that the EU [European Union] is:

“one-sided and always against Israel.”

SOURCE: The Jewish Herald,
2009 June 19, page 9, article by Benjamin Weinthal

Europe is burying its head in the
sand when it comes to Jihadi Terror


German Court Rules Synagogue Firebombing
was an ‘Act of Protest’:






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