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Thursday, May 25, 2023 

If the religious right became deluded enough to convert to Islam, they'd only be rewarding the left

The following Daily Caller op-ed by one of their editors may just reflect his views, and it may not reflect what all conservatives in the USA think, but it does serve as a vital warning and lesson about dangers that could come from suddenly taking a lenient position on Islam, and even converting to it because rightists are convinced they'd be immune to leftist condemnation as a result:
In C.S. Lewis’ 1945 science-fiction novel “That Hideous Strength,” a group of Christian dissidents join forces with the resurrected wizard Merlin to fight a techno-satanist conspiracy that threatens to engulf Britain and then the world.

After learning that Christianity has been “torn in pieces” and “speaks with a divided voice,” Merlin makes a bold suggestion:

“If all this west part of the world is apostate, might it not be lawful, in our great need, to look further … beyond Christendom?” he asks.

Today, in a country where progressives are rapidly mainstreaming satanism and the Oval Office is occupied by a “devout Catholic” who praises the chemical castration of children, many American Christians are asking themselves the same question.

Christians and Muslims disagree on whether Christ was divine, whether pork is haram and whether Muhammad was a prophet. They agree, however, that there are two genders, that euthanasia is an abomination and that first graders shouldn’t learn about gay sex. They agree that mankind’s purpose is to glorify God and obey His commands, not (as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy put it) to “define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Six years ago, conservative Christians marched against Shar’ia law. Today, many would rather live under the Islamic Crescent than under the Pride Flag. And that may turn out to be the choice on offer. Christians are slowly, painfully learning that neutrality is a myth. There’s only Christian hegemony or your choice of dhimmitudes.
This is ludicrous and offensive for many reasons. Islam is based on barbarism, which doesn't coincide with what the Christian faith does. Besides, Orthodox Judaism agrees with Christianity there's only 2 genders, that suicide is bad, and I'm sure some far-eastern religions like Hinduism and Shintoism agree on this too. We can only guess: some alleged rightists are so lacking in courage they believe they must embrace Islam in order to avoid villification of the left? Disgusting. All they'd be doing is exactly what the left wants, which is to validate barbarism even worse than what the most extreme transsexuality advocates are condoning. This article does, however, point out a certain fringe atrocity who seems to have no genuine issue with the Religion of Peace:
Traditional adherents of the two faiths are already making common cause in resisting progressive tyranny. When Kabul fell to the Taliban, American conservatives were more likely to post memes mocking NGO-led efforts to turn Afghan hijabis into liberated girlbosses than they were to lament the expulsion of women from the country’s universities. Far-right Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, noting the Taliban’s opposition to homosexuality and abortion, suggested that American right-wingers had been rooting for the wrong side.

Anti-feminist and anti-trans commentary from conservative Christian pundits like Matt Walsh and Candace Owens has “circulated widely among traditional Muslims,” journalist Rasha Al Aqeedi reported in a piece for New Lines Magazine.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Muslim parents shut down a school board meeting after learning that the school library included, among other titles, a guidebook explaining the “ins and outs of gay sex.”

Some figures on the right and its fringes are praising or even embracing Islam.
See, this is a very worrisome danger, and confirms something's terribly wrong with Fuentes, whom both Michelle Malkin and rapper Kanye West were involved with. Even fringe elements can pose a considerable danger and bad influence. And something else not dwelled upon here is that most Muslims couldn't care less if "infidels" subjected themselves to Frankenstein experiments of transsexuality, since they despise them regardless. It's vital to consider that, despite suggestions to the contrary as per the incident in Dearborn, the left otherwise isn't forcing Islamists to accept transsexuality, since it's more intended to serve as a 5th column in standard society at the cost of innocent women and children. Much like Islamic no-go zones in Europe. And euthanasia? Most realists know that the worst jihadists couldn't care less if westerners committed suicide that way. It's disturbing how this article implies conservatives didn't care if Afghani women were expelled from universities by the Taliban, because the writer's actually obscuring many much worse things women are now suffering from under their tyranny, as are any of the other Islam apologists quoted. The list of would-be conservatives highlighted includes, disturbingly enough:
Andrew Tate, a British kickboxer and masculinity influencer currently under investigation for sex trafficking, announced in October 2022 that he had converted to Islam.

Tate, as far as anyone can tell, remains a notorious womanizer who frequently poses with tumblers of whiskey. For men like him, the appeal is not the asceticism or the theology, but the cultural politics of Islam. Christianity, the argument goes, has evaporated into a series of namby-pamby clichés that lead inevitably to open borders, puberty blockers and lawless streets. Only Islam offers an escape from the feminized dystopia that some call “the longhouse.”
Well if he was involved in anything like sex slavery, that's something going hand in glove with Islam, and the Rotherham scandal is already one of the most notorious of that sort. Is the op-ed writer at the Daily Caller downplaying that? Shameful. Some of the commentors saw through this embarrassment, and one said:
I feel like I just read an article on HuffPost. Full of BS from a person who’s entire knowledge of both religions would fill, well, this short article.
Not going to happen. Christians do not believe in violence, random killing, sex slavery, female genital mutilation and other forms of extreme misogyny. Many muslims do.
Yes, how come that's not considered by the columnist? Here's another:
This guy is delusional if he thinks Christians are going to drop Jesus and start embracing Islam. Islam is the religious equivalent of Leftism; it's extreme, it's intolerant, and it doesn't make much sense.

And I love how he just completely bashes Christians, our beliefs, and somehow thinks this is going persuade anyone to convert. What a tone-deaf buffoon.
Yup. Here's another:
Islam is the devils religion. Christianity is about God. Islam is a government AND a religion. Christianity is only a religion and not a government. Islam says to kill the unbelievers while Christianity tells you to love thy neighbor.

Just with these simple statements one should be able to decide which is a real religion of peace and which is not.
And one more:
Sure as hell better hope not. If it is this country is dead.
If right-wingers converted to Islam, they'd be doing exactly what the left would be pleased with, including the LGBT advocates. Also, if the right became foolish enough to do that, they'd end up betraying the thousands of victims of 9-11 at the World Trade Center over 2 decades ago.

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