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Thursday, May 09, 2024 

More criticism by realists of Joe Biden's withholding weapons from Israel

Donald Trump's responded to the news of fraud-in-chief Biden's arms embargo against Israel:
Former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social on Wednesday night after President Joe Biden confirmed that he'd halt US weapons shipments for Gaza if Israel embarks on a major military operation in Rafah where the last Hamas battalions remain.

"Crooked Joe Biden, whether he knows it or not, just said he will withhold weapons from Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas Terrorists in Gaza,"
Trump wrote.

"Hamas murdered thousands of innocent civilians, including babies, and are still holding Americans hostage, if the hostages are still alive."
And Biden's basically erasing the memory and knowledge of the victims. An utter disgrace, as is the kangaroo court case being conducted against Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu had a good response to make regarding this scandal:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this evening (Thursday) addressed for the first time the confrontation between the Israeli and American governments and US President Joe Biden's threat to halt weapons shipments to Israel over Israel's military operation in Rafah.

"We are on the eve of Independence Day. In the War of Independence 76 years ago, we were few against many. We had no weapons, there was an arms embargo on Israel, but with fortitude, bravery, and unity within us - we won. Today we are much stronger. We are determined, and we are united to defeat our enemies and protect our lives," Netanyahu said.

"If we have to stand alone, we will stand alone. I have already said that if we have to - we will fight with our nails. But we have much more than our nails, and with the same determination, with God's help, we will win together," he said.

National Unity party chairman, Minister Benny Gantz, also responded to Biden's threat and said, "The partnership between the US and Israel is a strategic partnership, and just as importantly - a values-based partnership. The US stood by Israel in its most difficult hour, and the attacks on it by irresponsible ministers are displays of ingratitude intended for domestic consumption and stemming from political considerations."

"I maintain and will continue to maintain a direct dialogue on many sensitive issues that have a dramatic impact on Israel's security and I believe that the important arms shipments will continue. Beyond the security need, this has an important political statement for the US to continue standing on Israel's side," Gantz added.

"Israel has a security and moral obligation to continue fighting to return our hostages and remove the threat of Hamas from the south of the country, and the US has a moral and strategic obligation to provide Israel with the tools required for this mission," Gantz concluded.
Certainly amazing somebody like Gantz, a man of such questionable character, would make a statement like that, though given he's a leftist, that's why it can't be taken an immediate face value. Ambassador Gilad Erdan made some vital points too:
Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. on Thursday morning slammed U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to withhold weapons shipments, saying the move gives hope to Jerusalem’s enemies that they may achieve their genocidal aims.

“I don’t attribute bad intentions to the president, but I think it’s quite clear that any pressure on Israel, any restrictions imposed on Israel, even if they are from close allies who want our best interests, are interpreted by our enemies—and that could be Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah—as something that gives them hope to succeed in their goals,” Gilad Erdan told KAN radio.

“This may give them encouragement, the enemies of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel,” continued the envoy. “If Israel is restricted from entering such an important and central area such as Rafah, where thousands of terrorists, hostages and the leaders of Hamas are still present, how exactly is the goal of destroying Hamas supposed to be achieved?”
This is a very legitimate viewpoint and concern. The Jerusalem Post editorial addressed the issue:
Amid the conflict in Gaza, the United States administration’s decision to delay a crucial shipment of munitions to Israel is not just a logistical delay; it is a major erosion of trust between staunch allies.

On a seemingly ordinary Monday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made a startling revelation: the US would withhold one shipment of essential munitions from Israel due to concerns about possible civilian casualties in the strategic Rafah region. This announcement added a layer of complexity and doubt at a time when decisive action is most needed. Austin’s move strikes at the heart of the operational readiness of the IDF and sends a worrying signal about the US’s resolve to stand by its ally.

The timing and reasoning behind this pause are particularly troubling. It came during a critical phase of Israel’s operations against Hamas, a terrorist organization that poses a relentless threat to the security of Israeli civilians. Allies depend on consistent and reliable support in times of crisis; however, this decision by the US suggests a wavering commitment, raising questions about its reliability as a strategic partner.

Israel-US tensions help Hamas

Criticism from The Wall Street Journal underscores the strategic missteps. Its editorial earlier this week pointed out that such hesitations directly benefit Hamas, allowing it a respite when Israeli forces are applying pressure. This not only potentially prolongs the conflict but risks increasing the civilian casualties the US wants to prevent. It’s a paradox that undermines the intended ethical stance of the US and illustrates a misunderstanding of the dynamics in fighting entrenched terrorist elements.

Moreover, the decision represents more than a temporary tactical shift; it signals a possible change in US foreign policy that could have long-lasting geopolitical repercussions. The US has historically been Israel’s staunchest ally, providing not just military aid but also standing by its right to defend itself on international platforms. This pause in military aid is at the very least, a moment of hesitation that adversaries could exploit.
Amid all these examples, however, there's also a certain dhimmi from north Dakota who's also supposedly panning Biden:
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum on Thursday accused President Biden of negotiating on behalf of "terrorists" after he threatened to withhold weapon shipments to Israel if it proceeds with its planned invasion of Rafah. [...]

Burgum tore into Biden during an appearance Thursday on "America's Newsroom." He called the president's shift in policy "truly unbelievable" while emphasizing Biden's apparent readiness to abandon "America's top ally" as it prepares for a ground invasion into Hamas' last stronghold in Gaza.

"We're in completely new territory here for a president of the United States because we’ve always had a rule, which is don’t negotiate with terrorists, but Joe Biden has gone beyond that — he's actually negotiating for the terrorists,"
Burgum said.

"He's put a red line for Israel, for our ally, and when you think about that, think of every one of our allies around the world watching this and going, ‘Wow, Israel is supposed to be America’s top ally and the president is threatening them?’"
On the surface, Burgum's statements would seem admirable, but earlier, it was reported that under his management, north Dakota's seen more Muslim entrance than in previous times, mainly in Fargo, and Burgum even approved honour celebrations for the communities. If Burgum's not making any serious effort to turn around a bad situation in north Dakota, what good does it do to say all this?

Update: anyway, IDF troops are now operating in Rafah as it is.

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