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Thursday, May 09, 2024 

Philadelphia police refuse to remove anti-Israel demonstrators from university campus

More pro-Hamas demonstrators turned up at the University of Pennsylvania, and here, the police otherwise proved useless:
As tensions escalate at a Gaza Solidarity Encampment at the University of Pennsylvania, administrators are taking a dialogue and de-escalation approach, possibly because they have no choice.

Penn asked the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) to dismantle the encampment, but the police refused, the student-run Daily Pennsylvanian claimed on May 2.

Police asked that the university first provide proof that the encampment “presents an imminent danger,” reported the paper, citing a source familiar with the matter.

If accurate (and the Philadelphia police refused to confirm or deny the report), it suggests the PPD is creating a new standard for enforcing the law. As the university points out, “The encampment itself violates the university’s facilities policies.”
To make matters worse:
The protesters may have sympathy among senior public officials. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, a George Soros-funded DA sharply criticized for his soft-on-crime policies, visited the protesters three times, saying the purpose of his third visit on May 2 was “to find out what the truth is.”

The encampment has not been peaceful, judging from a letter sent Monday to the Penn community by interim President J. Larry Jameson. (President Liz Magill was forced out after backlash for her testimony before Congress, in which she failed to recognize calls for genocide against Jews as violating the university’s code of conduct.)

“The encampment should end. It is in violation of our policies, it is disrupting campus operations and events, and it is causing fear for many in our large, diverse community, especially among our Jewish students,”
the letter states.

“Some have aimed to characterize this as a peaceful protest. It is not. Two cherished Penn landmarks, the Benjamin Franklin statue and the Button, have been defaced and vandalized,” it said.

“There have been disturbing reports of harassing and threatening speech. On Wednesday night, protesters threatened and attempted to provoke Penn Public Safety police officers. On Friday, we were made aware of an alarming video that showed a Penn student being barred entry to the encampment and threatened.”
That a Soros-funded DA is in charge is another disturbing problem. Maybe he should also be barred from Penn grounds. In any event, the protestors must be removed from the campus grounds, and any who're students or staff must be expelled and fired. This has long gone too far.

Update: also, for the record, Jamie Glazov explains why a lot of the pro-Hamas criminals wear masks:
As pro-Hamas protests sweep U.S. campuses across our nation, a curious phenomenon has surfaced: a large number of the protesters are wearing not only the keffiyeh, but also the COVID mask. Why is this, exactly?

The keffiyeh-wearing is not much of a mystery. The protesters are clearly making a statement of solidarity with Islamic jihad in general and with Hamas terror in particular. But the COVID masks add an intriguing twist. Some of the mask-wearers themselves maintain that they are trying to “stay safe” — in what they believe is the ongoing COVID “pandemic.” Other observers have postulated, however, that this is an effort by the protesters to hide their identity.

There are possible elements of truth in both of these reasons, but beneath these layers, something much deeper is going on — and it involves a powerful impulse that serves as the foundation of leftist utopianism itself.

We would do well to reflect upon the manner in which the Maoist Cultural Revolution in China imposed unisex desexualized dress on its citizens. The tyranny perpetrated this as a ruthless war on gender differences and individuality in the name of “equity.” And this war involved a calculated assault on the possibilities of private attractions, affections, and desires.

The central reality to gauge here is that unisex/desexualized dress satisfies leftists’ morbid pining for enforced sameness. It is crucial, in their world, to erase physical as well as emotional differences and attractions between people. In the utopian endgame, humans must all be replicas of one another and be devoted to the cause, the revolutionary state, and to its all-knowing administering of “equality” and “social justice.”

It is no surprise, therefore, that Western leftists were enthralled with the Maoist social engineering experiment. I have documented this in my book United in Hate, where I show how fellow travelers who journeyed to worship at the altar of the Maoist killing fields flew into ecstasy upon witnessing the unisex clothing.
The point about communist China is also interesting. The dress codes they enforced are almost as sick as those in the Islamic world, which you can be sure the pro-Hamas crowd supports. And one could argue China's tactics were like a precursor to some of the LGBT propaganda seen today, which seeks to erase sexual differences.

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