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Friday, December 24, 2021 

Another woman speaks out against Chris Noth

The career and reputation of former Law & Order/Sex & the City co-star Chris Noth continues to collapse, as a 4th woman has come forward and spoke out against him:
On Thursday he was accused of a further alleged incident in early 2002 by musician Lisa Gentile.

Ms Gentile said in a statement she had first met Noth when frequenting the DaMarino Restaurant in New York City in 1998.

She claimed that in early 2002 Noth had given her a ride home and asked to come up to her apartment where he kissed her and “forcibly” pulled her against him.

“He was slobbering all over me,”
she said.

“I quickly became uncomfortable. Then he became more aggressive and put both hands on my breasts and began squeezing them very hard over my shirt.

“I grabbed his hands with my hands and tried to stop him. I kept pushing his hands down while he was pushing mine up. I was trying to get him to stop.”

Ms Gentile claimed she had pushed Noth off her and shouted “no, I don’t want this,” at which point he became “extremely angry” and called me a “tease” and a “bitch”

“He stormed out of my apartment,” she said.

She also claimed that Noth had called her the next day and warned that he would “ruin her career” and have her “blacklisted” in the business.

“I was afraid to come forward because of Mr Noth’s power and his threats to ruin my career,”
she said.

“I am speaking out now in support of the other four women who have courageously come forward before me.”
It just gets more revolting as it goes along. He alone was easily the most unlikable cast member of L&O, and this latest revelation just compounds how evil he was in real life. Something more to ponder:
Gloria Allred, Gentile’s attorney, said Thursday that the New York state statute of limitations prevents her client from taking legal action.

“The courthouse door is slammed shut in her face, denying her an opportunity to assert and vindicate her rights in a court of law because of the statute of limitations,” Allred said.

Gentile said, “I feel that we should have our day in court to seek to hold Mr. Noth accountable for what he did.”

Allred, a veteran litigator, called upon Noth’s former “Sex and the City” co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis to speak out in support of a bill before the New York Legislature to change the statute of limitations.

“Lisa and I appreciate their words of support for the previous accusers of Chris Noth, and now, we urge Sarah, Cynthia and Kristin to take action to speak out in support of the Adult Survivors Act, as Lisa and I are doing today,”
Allred said. “Their endorsement of this act will be important to its passage when the New York Legislature begins its session next month.”

Allred also issued something of a political challenge to the Legislature and the governor.

“We also call on the first woman governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, to include the passage of the ASA in her State of the State address in the Assembly chamber when she delivers her remarks in less than two weeks on January 5, 2022,” Allred said.
This is the same state where the previous governor, Andrew Cuomo, was accused of sexual misconduct, for which he may never face prosecution because of NY's lack of proper laws on the subject, something for which he too holds responsibility. All because he doubtless didn't want to face legal retribution for a serious offense. But then, that's the problem with the left-wing establishment, protecting their own.

Based on the singer's account, it's clear Noth viewed himself as something like a mini-Weinstein, seeing how he threatened to destroy her career. Speaking of which, it's sad to note that Weinstein may walk free, much like Bill Cosby did several months ago:
A New York appeals court blasted Manhattan prosecutors Wednesday for filling out Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial last year with what one judge deemed “incredibly prejudicial testimony” from women whose allegations weren’t part of the criminal charges against him — a strategy that now has the potential to jeopardize the disgraced movie mogul’s conviction.

Members of a five-judge panel in the state’s intermediate appeals court appeared incensed with Judge James Burke’s decision to allow the witnesses and for another ruling that cleared the way for prosecutors to confront Weinstein with evidence about other misbehavior if he had testified.

Several judges on the panel appeared open to considering reversing Weinstein’s conviction and ordering a new trial. A decision isn’t expected until January.
If this happens, it'll compound the travesty of justice the USA's legal system has become of recent, proving what a sham the #MeToo campaign really is as well. If sex offenders can't be jailed based on their industry status, no justice will ever be achieved in serious cases. It makes no difference that Weinstein's career is destroyed, much like Noth's has been within a week. To allow such felons to get off the hook because of where and how they work will only demonstrate how protected class status is sadly still prevalent within the US.

Update: and in case anybody's wondering about Noth's own politics, the following news report from 2018 should clear things up a bit:
While the real-life Miranda campaigns to be governor of New York, former co-star Chris Noth is clearing up some assumptions about his own SATC character’s political leanings. Noth famously played Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw’s wealthy on-off lover and eventual husband, on the HBO series and its two film adaptations.

On Thursday the actor posted an Instagram that shows him proudly holding up a mug emblazoned with an image of the Kehinde Wiley presidential portrait of Barack Obama.

“Having a cup of coffee with my favorite President!”
he captioned the pic, which got a “like” from Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. “Boy do I miss him!!!”

While the 63-year-old star is Team Obama, one fan speculated that Mr. Big “probably would’ve voted for Trump though.”

Noth wasted no time in putting that rumor to rest.

“No way,”
he shot back.

Fans backed him up.
Wonder what those fans think now that the man who played the role is such a creep in real life? After all this news, Sex and the City may not age well going forward.

Update 2: and look what he said in this earlier report from 2013:
Add another actor to the list. Chris Noth, currently starring in "The Good Wife," played Detective Mike Logan on "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," and "Mr. Big" on "Sex and the City." Noth has now outed himself -- as yet another liberal. Worse, his moronic anti-GOP, anti-tea party comments put him into the category of "brain dead" Hollywood liberal, to use an expression from playwright David Mamet.

Noth, unhappy with the partial government shutdown, tweeted this thoughtful analysis: "Highest level of racism was shown yesterday when Republicans forced a shutdown of our government. Mostly because our President is black." Naturally, he weighed on the tea party: "Every tea party member should be horsewhipped." Get it? Opposition to Obamacare ... is racist!
Today, the chickens are coming home to roost, and Noth is reaping the benefits alright. What are the chances he'll ever apologize for his anti-conservative tirade? Sadly, chances of that are nada.

Update 3: looks like HBO Max excised footage of Noth that was set to appear in later episodes of the Sex & The City revival miniseries, which is titled And Just Like That. After this scandal, chances there'll be more sequels going forward are probably next to nothing. Here's some more discussion of the topic at the UK Evening Standard.

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