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Friday, June 03, 2022 

Israeli LGBT ideologues use right-wing report on their imposition to incite against Christians by extension

Here's a report on a pretty typical, obnoxious reaction by Israeli LGBT activists who're opposed to any criticism of their cult religion, and even used the following news as an excuse to attack Christianity, something they'd never do when it comes to Islam:
A recent article printed in a magazine produced by Israel's Channel 14 sparked a public outcry this week, as it allegedly incites against the country's LGBTQ community.

Channel 14, an Israeli commercial television channel, is the recent reincarnation of cable's Channel 20, better known as the Jewish Heritage Channel. Originally airing mostly religious-oriented content, in its current version, the station also airs news and current affairs programs, and boasts a monthly magazine, Channel 14 Now, which purports to focus on "matter on the public agenda from a conservative point of view."

The magazine's recent cover story, however, featured an image of the biblical golden calf in the colors of the gay pride flag, with the headline "LGBTstan: How radical left-wing organizations impose the LGBT religion in Israel."

Author Gali Ben-Horin told Channel 13 News that she stands by the piece, which she asserted was "not homophobic" but rather "shines a light on a political issue," namely the fact that the gay community in Israel "is being used by radical left-wing groups."

The explanation did little to assuage public anger over the peace with lawmakers, journalists, and LGBTQ activists expressing shock over what many denounced as "blatant incitement."
Despite what they claim, they're not "shocked"; they only want everyone to believe that. Right down to the whole notion the entire public is "angered", even secularists. This practically proves the point of anybody who feels LGBT ideologues are opposed indefinitely to disagreement with their practices, which have for a long time been similar to religion, and come to think of it, that's just what it is indeed. I should hope the author stands firmly by her report, and in addition to that, sues any movements who've resorted to defamation against her and the TV channel/magazine.

But not only are the LGBT movements using this as an excuse to delegitimize Judaism, they're also using as an excuse to attack Christianity, and what's particularly eyebrow raising is just which one's doing it:
Religious LGBTQ advocacy group Havruta condemned the magazine, saying in a statement that "It is Channel 14 and its sponsors who are guilty is worshiping foreign values. There is no worse idolatry than translating cheap Christian propaganda from the deep American South.

"The real modern golden calf is the hate money that funds the channel's unfounded anti-gay propaganda. It seems that Channel 14 wants to stay a small, marginal, parody of a media outlet, and as long as it targets LGBTQ culture in this country it will remain just so. Hevruta and the other Jewish LGBTQ groups will continue to raise both flags – the pride flag and the religious one – in the most authentic Jewish and Israeli way there is."
But would even this "religious" movement ever say the same about Islam? It's not even brought up here, so you know where this obnoxious activist movement is actually going. These movements never have anything to say about anti-homosexual persecution in Muslim countries, and in fact, they don't even campaign against modern day slavemongering in Africa (so the accusations of "incitement" are laughable if the Religion of Peace doesn't concern them). And, they don't even condemn religious IDF soldiers who turn their backs on female instructors, because they're not against sexism either. But what can be said is that these are some of the most obnoxious wokesters in this part of the middle east, and as such, they're just part of what's gone wrong. They're what we could describe as Opposite Sex Rejectors, and part of the reason why there's Jewish women who're running afoul Muslim men who turn out to be abusive. Just think how many Jewish women could've led better lives if some of these Jewish leftist men leading homosexual lifestyles had actually cared enough about the fairer sex to marry them and bear their children for them. Yet that seems to be one of the reasons why some gay men don't want to marry women, because they don't want any children and responsibilities accompanying such directions. By the way, where were these activists when Gal Uchovsky was committing offenses?

Yet if there's something the local leftist movements have in common with US-based LGBT groups, it's how they're trying to isolate children from their parents, and it's atrocious. No doubt, they're also enraged at how USA conservatives are pushing back against Disney for pushing this propaganda and indoctrination upon children, which has resulted in Disney losing a lot of income, along with tax exempt status for their Florida theme park. Something that's going to happen here too sooner or later, as conservatives push back locally against this LGBT indoctrination.

I praise Ben-Horin for her article, and will definitely appreciate that she stands by it for a long time after, and doesn't capitulate to these disgraceful fauxtragers. Who should be ashamed of themselves for demonstrating what's wrong with their whole approach - they're anti-free speech.

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