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Friday, September 15, 2023 

Ukraine wisely bars entry of Eliezer Berland to their country, while local Haredi zealots make offensive remarks about Zionism and the Holocaust

It's bad that Ukraine has to be suffering from Russia's assault by war, but it'd also decidedly be bad if they allowed the convicted sex offender "rabbi" Eliezer Berland into the country. Wisely, they didn't:
Eliezer Berland, a convicted sex offender who leads the Shuvu Banim community, on Thursday attempted to enter Ukraine ahead of the Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) holiday, but was refused entry, Ynet reported.

[...] According to Ynet, Berland has a "black stamp" in his passport for a period of three years, and is not allowed to enter Ukraine. The Ukrainians refused to allow him into their country due to this ban, and Berland was forced to turn around and is now on his way back to Israel.
And lest we forget:
Last month, it was reported that Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) contacted the Ambassador of Ukraine in Israel, Korniychuk Yevgen, requesting to lift the ban imposed by Kyiv on Berland from entering the country so that he could come to Uman on Rosh Hashanah with his followers.
That too was offensive, and as noted before, has amazingly drawn condemnation from Haredi women themselves. Good to see that as of now, Berland's banned from Ukraine, where monsters like him don't belong. Since we're on the subject of UTJ, it's also decidedly worth noting that one of their most prominent supporters, Yisrael Eichler, has brought anti-Zionism to the fore in a most offensive way:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu elicited outrage in Haredi circles Sunday after saying, in comments intended to dissuade religious Israelis from traveling to Ukraine this weekend, that “God has not always protected us, not on European soil and not on Ukrainian soil.”

The remarks appeared to spark a coalition crisis, featuring some of the most strongly worded infighting since the current coalition was formed in December.

The premier made the statement as a warning to the public against participating in the annual pilgrimage to Uman in Ukraine over Rosh Hashanah, amid the ongoing war there.

[...] But the most hostile reaction came from United Torah Judaism MK Yisrael Eichler, who blasted Netanyahu’s “ignorance” and indicated his belief that it was the “Zionists,” rather than God, who were to blame for the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust.

Eichler wrote that “for over a century, the God of Israel has saved the Land of Israel from the idolatry of power, vulgarity and assimilation of the secular regime.”

The Germans were halted on the way to conquer Israel by extraordinary miracles, not because of the Zionists, Eichler argued.

He went on to claim that the Zionists had in fact turned their backs on the Jews of Europe, thwarted rescue attempts and disdained “the Jews of the ghettos,” while adding that some had collaborated as Judenrat. Eichler said that the once-revered military had been revealed in its “incompetence and contemptibleness” in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, and that former top generals who oppose the current government’s judicial overhaul had recently shown themselves to be “rebels” who are “inciting a bloody [civil] war” in the country and giving it a bad name abroad “like the worst of our Islamic enemies.”

“When you see who the generals were, you realize that only thanks to the miracles of God Almighty do we survive,” Eichler fired.

He added that “some Zionists even called the Jews in the ghettos ‘Human dust, they should meet their fate.'”

“Be silent when you blame the God of Israel for your failures and crimes,” he declared. “If it weren’t for those who keep the Torah, Israel would have long ago been erased from the map of the Middle East.”
This is most truly scummy thing to say, and it's no shock Eichler would obscure the role of some Haredi gurus in betraying their masses at the time. What Eichler's done is a most utterly vulgar act, and a classic example of exploiting the ends to justify the means. If Eichler really wanted to, I'm sure he could've researched how there were Jewish-Israeli soldiers who'd fought in WW2, and tragically, receive no thanks from stuffy, insular scoundrels like him. And he doesn't even distinguish between "Zionists" and any leftists who didn't participate in the war at the time, which would have to be the most eyebrow-raising problem about men like himself. His words have drawn condemnation:
Eichler’s harangue was decried, in turn, by Likud and opposition MKs, as well as by the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

“We would be happy to host MK Eichler at Yad Vashem to learn about the rabbinic, Zionist and secular leaderships during and after the Holocaust,” the Jerusalem museum said in a statement. “Then he would maybe avoid disseminating baseless words of contempt.”

Education Minister Yoav Kisch, from Netanyahu’s ruling party, called on Eichler to “take back the anti-Zionist defamatory words he wrote,” adding that he was “ashamed” of the UTJ lawmaker’s remarks as the grandson of a Zionist soldier who fought the Nazis.

Fellow Likud MK Dan Illouz said: “MK Eichler, I am shocked by your words. Several days before the Day of Judgment (Rosh Hashanah), I would suggest engaging more in love of Israel than in baseless conspiracies that incite against entire communities.”

Illouz argued that “the Torah itself taught us to form an army” and that “I haven’t met a single person willing to give up the protection of IDF soldiers when they go to pray in Hebron, even though God is also protecting him through those soldiers.”

“Demanding care in acts that pose mortal danger, as the prime minister did, is not ignorance — it’s a healthy Jewish viewpoint,” he continued. The Canada-born Illouz argued that antisemitism and other threats were still prevalent abroad, and that “the very existence” of the Israel military also protects Diaspora Jews.
And that told, there's another closely related subject to ponder. There was another riot and traffic jam caused by the "Jerusalem Faction" clan of the late Shmuel Auerbach, all because a yeshiva student was arrested for army desertion, and some of the language the rioters used has to be read to be believed:
Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox men staged protests across Jerusalem and Bnei Brak on Wednesday after a call to demonstrate was put out by the extremist Jerusalem Faction, stopping traffic on major roads following the arrest of a young ultra-Orthodox man after he failed to show up to his call-up on Tuesday. He has since been released from military prison.

The protests come at a tense time amid the dialogue surrounding the draft law, with a new version of it, The Conscription Law, sparking controversy within the government, with ultra-Orthodox parties threatening to dissolve the coalition if it is not passed immediately following the Knesset’s summer break, scheduled to end after the High Holy Days in October.

In Jerusalem, protesters held up numerous signs at the demonstration. One read “A Holocaust is preferable to recruiting yeshiva students.” Another protester told Maariv “I’d rather get shot than enlist.”

Some of the rioters cursed the policemen, called them “Nazis,” spat at them, laid down under the police cars, and tried to sabotage their vehicles. One rioter punched a female officer in the chest and kicked another officer. The rioter was arrested and taken under police questioning. Another two arrests have already been made by police at the demonstration for disorderly conduct.

Police stated that protesters blocked the intersection of Sha’arei Yisrael Street and Nordau Street, blocking both the light rail and the intersection to traffic. The road has since reopened to traffic. Approximately 200 protesters were at the scene, according to Walla.

Israel Police officers contained the protest, eventually opening up the road to traffic after two hours. Physical altercations did take place, police said, with one female Border Police officer getting punched in the chest, while another was kicked. The man was taken for further investigation, joining two others who were detained.
Now that assault on a policewoman can be considered a form of sexual violence, and the criminal should be locked away in solitary for such a heinous act, which definitely discredits ultra-Orthodox Judaists. That aside, it's also stunning how the clannists could claim mass murder is okay, which was exactly what they're doing, and they completely disrespected Holocaust victims as a result. Their use of the word "nazi" as a slur is equally obscene, and hints at a peculiar contradiction, considering what they said with the picket signs.

And if the Haredi parties threaten coalition crises over these issues, that too is offensive and petty. As for the rioters, they are in serious need of deprogramming, because it's clear they underwent some of the worst indoctrination since childhood. For now, they should be ostracized, and no sane person should be financing their "yeshivas".

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