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Monday, November 20, 2023 

The chickens come home to roost

The Islamists and their sympathisers whom the Democrats sided with/were lenient upon have turned against the party and wound up causing more trouble than they expected, with one example being at a train station in the District of Columbia:
Three people were arrested during a pro-Palestinian protest outside a Washington, D.C., train station on Friday night.

Many of the protesters flew Palestinian flags and called for a ceasefire as Israel attacks Hamas following terror attacks on October 7 that left over 1,400 Israelis dead and thousands injured.

“During the protest, our officers observed several individuals defacing property with paint. Three individuals were arrested and charged with Defacing Public Property. The property damage was limited to one section of Union Station, and clean-up crews are working to restore the building. There were no major incidents reported,” D.C. Police Chief Pamela A. Smith said in a statement.

The arrests were made after demonstrators made handprints on the side of Union Station, the Washington Examiner reported. Police blocked the entrance to the station, and it was briefly shut down while the demonstration was ongoing.

Demonstrators held up signs saying “End all U.S. aid to Israel” and accusing Israel of being an apartheid state

The protest came just two days after U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) had to evacuate the area around the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in D.C. after a pro-Palestinian protest became violent. The riot resulted in multiple arrests and injured officers.

Police warned people away from the area and evacuated bystanders and some top lawmakers away from the DNC after the gathering became violent, according to police.
What's telling here is that the pro-Hamas demonstators more or less turned against the Democrat party as much as anybody else, and are clearly willing to cause them as much chaos as the Jewish community, along with practically every other community they see beneath them. Another example, perhaps even more eyebrow raising, is what happened with the DNC in Oregon when similar thugs ran amok:
The Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) canceled its budgetary meeting and holiday party for this weekend over a reportedly credible threat of pro-Palestinian protestors.

DPO’s State Central Committee planned to meet in person to discuss the 2024-25 budget and hold a holiday party. However, DPO Chair Rosa Colquitt said in emails obtained by the Willamette Week that she canceled the events due to a credible threat of pro-Palestinian protestors.

“We have received highly credible information that we cannot confidently hold safe and secure in-person DPO events and meetings this weekend,”
said Colquitt.

Brad Martin, DPO executive director, told Willamette Week that they opted to cancel because they couldn’t ensure anyone’s personal and physical safety at the meeting. [...]

This state party’s cancelation comes days after Wednesday’s pro-Palestinian protest at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington, D.C., turned violent. U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) said that a 150-strong mob was “illegally and violently protesting,” prompting lockdowns at the DNC and House office buildings. In a statement, USCP said the rioters blocked off building exits with dumpsters, pepper sprayed and punched officers, and attempted to pick up their bike rack.

The protests demanding cease-fire don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon across the nation, least of all in Oregon.
Well how about that. Even in a far-left region like Oregon, the very movements the Democrats have long sought to pander to and appease are turning against them in more ways than one, making it difficult to function properly. And you have to wonder how much more comfortable the Democrats will be having these monsters roaming around?

While we're on the subject, Giulio Meotti makes some important points about how heinous the violence Hamas visited upon defenseless women is, and yet, many feminists and the UN refuse to condemn it:
"A woman was raped surrounded by her dead friends. Another had her breasts cut off and the terrorists played with them. A Holocaust survivor saw her granddaughter raped and murdered. A fourteen-year-old girl was found with her legs spread and semen on her back. She had been shot in the head. Most of the women were shot multiple times in the head. Some bodies were so badly damaged that after three days blood was still dripping. They mutilated the genitals of several women."

The Israeli police investigation into mass sexual violence by Hamas terrorists involves allegations ranging from gang rape to post-mortem mutilation. “The police are collecting evidence of sexual violence from witnesses, surveillance footage and interrogations of arrested Palestinian jihadists,” says David Katz, head of the Israel Police Lahav 443 investigative unit. The investigation will last “six to eight months”.

Police showed reporters a recorded interview with a female survivor of the Supernova rave party who witnessed the gang rape and murder of a woman. "They bent her over and I realized that they were raping her, one after another. Then they handed her to a man in uniform. She was alive. Standing up and bleeding from her bottom. They held her by her hair. A man held her shot in the head while he raped her, while she had her pants down."

The most important women's organizations within the United Nations failed to say anything. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) spoke amorphically about the “gender dimensions of conflict.”

Even Fania Oz-Salzberger, the daughter of Amos Oz, the famous left-wing Israeli writer, wonders "where are the feminists".

I didn't expect anything from the UN, #MeToo or woke feminists

Just two years ago, Iran was elected to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Four European countries have voted in favor of ayatollahs torturing those who do not wear the headscarf.
One must wonder how much longer Israeli feminists are going to continue any associations with such monsters either. It can't be any accident that the UN would allow Iran on any such councils, and now, such moves have had tragic results too.

Update: Israeli president Isaac Herzog condemned the pro-palestinian protestors:
President Isaac Herzog on Monday gave an interview to Fox News in which he criticized pro-Hamas protesters in the US and accused them of supporting terrorism.

“It’s a deciding moment in the fate of world affairs because we are faced between a coalition of hate, coalition of, I call it darkness, which is a jihadist coalition which emanates from Tehran, which, with its proxies in Lebanon, in Gaza, of course Hamas, in Yemen with the Houthis and of course, spreading Islamic fundamentalist jihadism all over the world, which wants to erase all of them – all of us,” Herzog said.

“If Israel weren’t there, then Europe will be next and the United States and for sure next, because they call the United States the Big Satan,” he added.

"I think those protesters who are supporting Hamas there, they're actually accomplices to the whole notion that you can butcher young children, that you can chop heads of women, that you can rape women and pregnant women.... you can do a whole bunch of atrocities," Herzog continued.
That, obscenely enough, is exactly the problem with all those supporting the evil protests.

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