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Saturday, October 28, 2023 

Men have to defend women's dignity

Mary Rooke makes clear that it's not enough for men to simply protest how beer brands like Bud Light forced transsexual propaganda down everyone's throats, at the expense of women:
It may be a smart business decision for Bud Light, and Dana White was likely given a sweetheart deal to make this work. Still, the partnership puts the spotlight on men who praise the UFC as the last bastion of masculinity while denouncing Bud Light for supporting Mulvaney.

Both companies view men as brainless consumers of escapism and women as the conduit to sell those products. The men who made Bud Light fall from grace will have to decide if protecting women is more important than being a spectator in the modern-day Colosseum being brought to them by companies who have no respect for them.

It’s hard to even define what a woman is anymore in our modern society. To the left, a woman is anything from a human female with ovaries to a 6’2″ man with an Adam’s apple deciding to wear lipstick. The right isn’t much better. Although they have no issue admitting that men can’t be women, that’s often where the support ends.

Outside of Scott Smith, who was arrested for standing up for his daughter after her sexual assault at the hands of a boy identifying as a transgender woman, men are eerily silent. The Bud Light boycott was the first time our nation’s men collectively did something about the left’s attack on women.

It’s not like this is solely a women’s issue that needs to be fought on the pink battlefield. Sure, a female is the one losing out on the position but men are the ones being lied to when companies sell female sex using biological men. Do they not want real women as their wives? Are they really content being misled in such an egregious way? Because the reality is their lives will be spent dodging surgically constructed bottom holes if they continue to allow men in women’s spaces. This fight requires strong men to enter the arena and not just to avoid Frankenstein’s monster. Women need protection from predatory men using the left’s demands for inclusivity as a way to find them alone.

Have fun in the comment section blaming women for pushing society down the slippery slope with their acceptance of the effeminate gay best friend, but it was both the sexes who laughed off Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlin and sat back as Jazz Jennings’ youth and fertility were stolen from him by predatory adults only interested in using him as their progressive icon.
Obviously, it's not enough to protest scandals like the Mulvaney atrocity. What's weird is, do most men in the USA really want predatory men pretending to be women entering women's spaces and even robbing them of athletic victories? Do they even want obnoxious men pretending to be women to silence real women's protests? It'd be of tremendous help if men would volunteer to be bodyguards for Riley Gaines, in example. And for the record, it's certainly bewildering if and when women actually accept homosexual men in a weird friendship, regardless of whether such men are capable of being offensive themselves.

In a semi-related topic, it can also be made clear that children's safety, along with their dignity, must also be defended, especially following this horrifying report from Illinois:
Reduxx has learned that a trans-identified male was arrested in Perry County, Illinois, after making threats to commit a school shooting and murder children on behalf of the transgender community in response to transphobic “bullying.”

On August 14, the Springfield-area FBI intercepted a live-stream on social media they deemed “suspicious.” In the video, an individual was seen making a number of disturbing threats towards schools and local children, specifically indicating there were plots in-progress to commit a school shooting, though no single institution was named.

Using the IP address associated with the stream, the FBI was able to identify the individual making the threats as 47-year-old Jason L. Willie, also known as Alexia Willie. An address in northern Perry County was quickly traced, and local law enforcement was notified at approximately 8:00 pm.

Speaking to Reduxx, Perry County Sheriff Chad Howard explained that nearby Washington County police were initially notified due to a confusion in the address, but that officers acted quickly and liaised with his team. Both Washington County Police and Perry County Police descended on Willie’s residence that same night with a warrant for his arrest.

Willie’s male partner was at the home, and cooperated fully with police in providing information necessary for the arrest to occur. He asserted that there were no weapons in the home.

But while Sheriff Howard was reading Willie the Miranda warning, he says the suspect began “acting up” and actively resisting arrest. Willie’s behavior became so unmanageable that he had to be tased by a Washington County officer in order to secure his compliance in the police vehicle.

Because Willie was arrested approximately 12 hours prior to schools opening, no classes were cancelled. But Sheriff Howard explains that he and other officers were on site at the local schools in their jurisdiction the next day as a precautionary measure.
This is what all the awful pandering the left promoted for LGBT ideology has led to. And something must be done to stop it.

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