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Sunday, November 05, 2023 

The pro-Hamas left could lead to another BLM-style riot

John Daniel Davidson warns that the far-left supports of Hamas savagery could be planning another riot similar to what BLM caused 3 years ago. And Joe Biden and company are only worsening the situation by complaining about "islamophobia":
Talk about bad timing. On Wednesday, the White House announced a “National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia,” the necessity of which, according to awkwardly scripted remarks by Vice President Kamala Harris, is that Muslims endure a disproportionate number of “hate-fueled attacks and other discriminatory incidents.”

Leave it to the Biden White House to pick a moment when a wave of antisemitism is surging across America to announce this. Set aside the dearth of evidence that Muslims face persecution or discrimination in mainstream American society. Last year set a record for anti-Jewish hate crimes, breaking the previous record that was set the year before. Since the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, antisemitism has erupted in our cities and on campuses, this time with the imprimatur and cooperation of the identitarian left. The idea that now is the time to address Islamophobia is so out of touch with the reality of the moment, only the Biden-Harris administration could possibly have come up with it.

But the announcement inadvertently serves to highlight a rather disturbing development in our civic life. At this point, some three weeks removed from the Hamas slaughter of 1,400 Israelis, it’s hard to deny that we have a domestic constituency for Hamas in this country. Generally speaking, it’s comprised of a broad swath of the woke left together with a broad swath of Muslim-Americans, united in what amounts to an unstable Red-Green alliance.

It’s also easy to see that this Hamas constituency is warming up for a season of real violence.

We’ve all seen the recent videos of self-righteous Hamas sympathizers tearing down posters of missing or kidnapped Israeli children. In almost every case, their actions are accompanied by either a defiant callousness or a dead-eyed nonchalance. Pleading with them or interrogating them is pointless, as every person who has tried to do so on camera has quickly discovered. These people are antisemites, and it’s not possible to shame them out of their antisemitism. They own it gladly.

But this week, a different sort of video appeared on social media. A group of Jews in Manhattan’s Upper East Side physically protected a bunch of posters of Israeli child hostages from an antisemite who was trying to tear them down. The man, who of course covered his face with a keffiyeh, tried to force his way through and a scuffle ensued. Eventually, a cop pulled up and appeared to arrest the man as a crowd gathered.

The incident illustrates the violence lurking just beneath the surface of the antisemitic, pro-Hamas sentiment now manifesting all across the country. The kind of people who are willing to casually rip down posters of children taken hostage by terrorists are not those who have any kind of principled commitment to nonviolence. They might or might not individually be cowards, but they clearly have no problem with violence as such — see, for example, the BLM posters celebrating Hamas paragliders who slaughtered more than 250 Israeli concertgoers on Oct. 7.

This is especially true on our nation’s college campuses. This week at Harvard, whose students have staged some of the most blatant and vile pro-Hamas demonstrations, including straightforward calls for the ethnic cleansing of Jews, a group of keffiyeh-waving students surrounded and then assaulted a Jewish student who was simply trying to get away from them.
Tragically, things will get worse before they ever get better. And telling everybody to worry about "islamophobia" when antisemitism is the real worry here is blatant in the extreme, and cheapjack.

To make matters worse, there's also valid worries that terrorists could attack Israelis at the 2024 Olympics in France:
The Israeli delegation to the Paris summer Olympic Games in 2024 is scheduled to be the largest ever with the highest aspirations for achieving results. More than 200 delegation members including the Olympic soccer team. But, what on paper would appear to be a genuine sporting celebration has in recent days turned into a nightmare for those responsible for its security, raising serious questions as to how the Israeli team will participate in the games, and of course what will be the fate of those Israeli fans who have already purchased tickets.

Problem No. 1: The location

In France today there are six million Muslims. The largest Muslim center in France is located in Paris, and already over the last week we have witnessed just how the Muslims have taken to the streets to demonstrate against Israel, and the local police used all its available force to deal with them.

Having said that, the serious Muslim threat in France is a genuine source of concern for the heads of the Israeli security services, who are afraid of a similar horror scenario to that of Munich 1972. France is a pro-Muslim country, although public opinion in France is gradually shifting towards Israel; though the thought of the Israeli flag flying above the Champs-Élysées is still a somewhat problematic issue when we think about the fast-approaching July 2024 games. France is currently considered to be a less safe environment for Jews, not to mention Israelis. And that's before we have even dared to speak about the largest and most complex sporting event in the world.
The government there is pro-Islam, depending how you view the subject. And unless they actually work to rid themselves of Muslims as much as possible, the danger definitely lurks for Israelis at the Olympic games next year.

On the other hand, Joel Pollak makes an interesting point that pro-palestinian demonstrations around the world, most obnoxious that they are, have only been helping Israel in its war against Hamas:
The pro-Palestinian rallies in major cities and on university campuses around the world, which have celebrated the Hamas attack of October 7 and called for the elimination of Israel, have shocked public opinion and frightened local Jewish communities.

But the rallies, which are closely covered by Israeli media, have also strengthened Israel’s resolve to fight: they have convinced Israeli Jews that if they were, somehow, to give up, and allow their country to become “Palestine,” there would be nowhere else to go. [...]

But if pro-Palestinian activists hope terror causes Israelis to flee, their own words and actions — in London, in Los Angeles, in Australia, and elsewhere — have shown, at best, a total indifference to the murders of Jewish civilians, and at worst a vicious antisemitism that many people thought had been left behind in the 20th century.

Israelis, seeing that, understand that they must fight, and win.

In that way, the pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas protests, hateful though they are, are helpful to the Zionist cause.
Let's hope so.

Update: Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan warns that a terrorist attack in the USA is possible:
Erdan said, “I think that the situation right now is shocking. We are on the brink of a catastrophe, even here in the United States. we see now thousands of people chanting, ‘Death to Israel, death to the Jews.’ We see Jewish students all across the United States on college campuses that are being threatened not only by other students, by their professors and presidents of universities can not even condemn the terror attacks.”

He added, “So right now, I think it’s already too late to say that we expect them to speak up or call out the antisemites. We expect them to take action. We expect them to expel students to fire professors who are antisemitic. We expect them to call the police to investigate the harassments of Jewish students. This is truly unacceptable, this situation right now. As I said, we are on the brink of a catastrophe. Any moment, we might see a terror attack against a Jewish community here in the United States.”
Why must anybody even pay money to these universities just to learn there? As I may have mentioned before, there's only so many people now learning trades outside of colleges, and if they can, so can many Jewish community members. There's no need for universities anymore, and college presidents who refuse to oppose violence on campus could be considered accomplices to a felony by failing to report/prevent crimes. In which case, they should be legally charged with a crime.

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