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Wednesday, September 13, 2023 

Transsexuals don't care about actual women oppressed in Afghanistan, and Haredi extremists likely don't either

Here's an interesting observation about the horrible status women in Afghanistan now suffer under, ever since faux-president Joe Biden withdrew USA troops in the 2021 fiasco: Here's the post in full:
Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 2021, females aren’t allowed to be educated past age 12.

They can’t be seen in public without full body coverage. They can’t travel more than 45 miles from home without a male chaperone. They can’t work in sectors outside health or education

After age 8, they can’t be in direct contact with a male who’s not a blood relative. They can’t speak loudly in public since no one should be forced to hear a woman’s voice. They can’t wear heels, lest the sound of a woman’s footsteps inadvertently entice a man.

All establishments with any reference to the word “woman” have been renamed. Street level windows must be painted over so that women in the home are not visible to men on the street.

There’s a ban on women's presence on radio, television or at public gatherings of any kind

So when I see self-indulgent men in womanface wailing on TikTok about how oppressed they are by women who refuse to wax their balls or forfeit their athletic opportunities or honor their narcissistic pronoun demands, all I can figure is that these egomaniacal idiots are the unwitting brand ambassadors for the epitome of American male privilege. And maybe they would benefit from a little vacation to the streets of the Middle East where they could take up their demands with the Taliban and haggle over the definition of the “human rights” they seem to believe they lack.
Now Haredis don't usually follow the same playbook when it comes to education for girls. And women in Haredi society can leave the house and travel long distances without male escort. But the talk of not being able to speak loud in public or sing, not being able to speak on radio programs, and having streets named after women renamed, that's definitely reminiscent of some of the most offensively discriminatory acts ultra-Orthodox could perform against women in Israel and elsewhere. Even high heels can be considered otherwise taboo in such societies, and it's just as reprehensible. Don't be shocked if many male transsexuals don't give a damn either, and you can't be shocked if Haredi extremists, in their turn, couldn't give a damn if LGBT ideologues want to erase women's successes. For now, it's tragic how Afghanistan's practically been turned into something similar to what Saudi Arabia was up until recently.

Also of note is this item by Daniel Greenfield, about how in the USA, Muslim activists like CAIR are allowed to determine in many cases whether Muslim girls can have the privacy denied to non-Muslim girls when it comes to subjects like transsexuals:
Prayers in schools and any kind of religious content, from the Ten Commandments to Christmas songs, remain widely opposed by litigious leftist organizations like the ACLU. And even the most modest efforts to keep kids from being exposed to graphic pornographic content have been assailed by the Biden administration which has sued school districts for trying to keep kids safe.

That’s why CAIR’s guide telling schools how to treat Muslim students is so extraordinary. The Islamist organization lays out rules for Islamic school prayers and tells schools to consult with mosques about sex ed. It warns schools against allowing Muslim girls to interact with boys in co-ed environments like swimming and dancing. And, in a time when leftist governors and school boards force girls to shower with transgender boys who claim to be members of their sex, it even insists that Muslim girls should shower in their burkinis even in single sex settings.

But what is truly extraordinary about the CAIR guide is that there will not be a word of protest against it from the same political establishment and media that smeared Florida laws empowering parents to protect students from sexual content as “Don’t Say Gay”.

There was a good deal of political discomfort when Muslims in Dearborn, MI, an Islamic dominated city, stormed a school board meeting to denounce LGBTQ content. Rather than addressing the fundamental conflict between its politics and Islamic law, the leftist media dishonestly blamed Republicans for having brainwashed Muslims to hate gay people.

Had an influential Christian or Jewish organization put out a similar guide to schools barring them from interacting in co-ed settings or being taught sexual materials, there would be outrage. The media would warn that we were on the verge of theocracy and schools would redouble their sexual programming. But that won’t be the reaction to the Muslim guide.

[...] We cannot have a country where non-Muslim girls have to shower with ‘transgender’ boys while Muslim students are offered private showers. Nor a country where mosques get approval over sex ed courses and Islamic scholars determine the theological content of textbooks.

The supreme right to determine the education of children belongs not to schools or to CAIR, but to parents.
This too is a very important subject to consider, focusing on the double-standards when it comes to Muslims and non-Muslims. If CAIR got its way in the past, chances are they still will today, especially in an era where the Democrats are otherwise making it easy. And how interesting the MSM actually saw fit to smear Republicans for turning Muslims against LGBT ideology, even as the leftists themselves are completely okay with Islam objecting. With the biggest irony being that when men have little contact with women, it can lead to homosexuality in its own way, and Islam influenced male homosexuality in its own way as a result. While in Haredi societies that dictate gender segregation, they too have led to homosexuality among their subjects.

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